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messaging-logo-circlesAt N Square we are inspired by the network effect. We endeavor to inform, educate, engage and support those who influence large groups of people, the economy, culture and policy. With this in mind we invested in the work of New York City-based Nucleus Strategy, who audited the messaging strategies of leading organizations in the nuclear threats field and reviewed research findings from multiple firms—including the Frameworks Institute, whose work on reframing nuclear threat was funded by N Square.

From there Nucleus went into the field to learn more about catalysts and impediments to creating an emotional connection with “nuclear threats.” The team met with groups, individuals and duos in three US regions, engaging people from different demographic, economic, geographic and psychographic backgrounds. They analyzed language, explored motivations, and learned about the conditions that have led people to take action on other, analogous issues.

The resulting Messaging Toolkit is a guide to storytelling and communication that will give new audiences a sense of agency in creating a future free from nuclear weapons threat.


Download the toolkit here.