Tools for Getting Involved

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N Square is part of a vibrant collective of individuals and organizations working to end the nuclear threat. You can be part of that ecosystem, too.  You may be wondering “Now that they’ve got my attention, what can I actually do?” or “Is there really any way to make a difference short of getting world governments to change their policies?”

The answer is yes. Join our Network, and see our tools below.

The Opportunity Field Guide

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Our Opportunity Field Guide is designed to meet you where you are, providing natural access points and ways to apply your particular expertise and resources. To underscore that there are many pathways into the Super Wicked Problem that is nuclear weapons threat, we have organized this Guide into three different ways to engage:

      • Section 1 identifies innovation opportunities related to the sector in which you work
      • Section 2 defines challenges related to specific functions in the nuclear weapons field
      • Section 3 offers themes about how seemingly disparate ideas might collide to create new approaches to longstanding issues.



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Crossroads, a  journal written from the year 2045, describes five plausible pathways to achieving a future without nuclear weapons. These scenarios, alternately fascinating, terrifying and hopeful, highlight specific areas where innovation is urgently needed.