Opportunities to Engage With Exponential Tech

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Through our partnership with Singularity University, N Square is excited to announce some exciting opportunities for nuclear threats professionals to engage with this fascinating community. Are you passionate about using new technologies to address challenges in nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation, or safety and security? Apply for one of the following opportunties – deadlines for applications are fast approaching!

Singularity University N Square Impact Scholars

As a proud partner of Singularity University (SU), N Square is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 2017 N Square Impact Scholars program. This unique program offers participants an amazing opportunity to actively participate as a member of Singularity University’s global community, and explore a culture of innovation with an exclusive opportunity to experience world-class curriculum — and make a sustained, positive impact on humanity.

In this age of extraordinary innovation, solutions to the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved when everyone contributes. Through our partnership with SU, we are creating a community that together will unlock our collective creative potential to innovate our way to a world free from the risks associated with nuclear weapons and the materials required to produce them.

We are looking for visionary leaders interested in engaging exponentially advancing technologies to stimulate innovation in the fields of nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation, and safety and security. N Square Impact Scholars are:

  • Social impact rockstars in nonprofits, NGOs, or governments
  • Tech-domain experts or innovation leaders focused on social impact
  • Academic leaders training the next generation in entrepreneurship and technology
  • Representatives of communities around the world, especially those in developing/emerging markets
  • Experts in the nuclear threat/disarmament and security fields

As an N Square Impact Scholar, participants will first explore how to drive social impact by engaging exponential technologies, then leverage those transformational tools, ideas, and connections to inspire and activate their local communities and the broader SU community. They will:

1) Attend — free of charge — the SU Global Summit SU’s flagship event taking place August 13-15, 2017, in San Francisco, California

2) Create or advance an Impact Initiative that leverages exponential technologies to help solve our world’s nuclear threat

3) N Square will cover travel and accommodation expenses

Learn more and apply here!

If you are interested in becoming an N Square Impact Scholar, submit your application by 11:59pm PDT on July 12th to be accepted for this year’s Global Summit. Know someone who might be interested? Feel free to let your network of leaders and entrepreneurs know about this unique opportunity as well!



Singularity University is teaming up with some of the world’s most influential organizations – as well as companies that are actively investing in a brighter future – to evaluate the potential human and economic impacts of GGC Award applicants, and to offer connections, opportunities, resources, and recognition to their projects.

If you are using new or emerging technologies to reduce nuclear weapons threat we encourage you to apply for a Global Grand Challenge Award in the Security track. Three applicant teams will be selected in this track. If chosen, you will be invited to attend the SU Global Summit in San Francisco from August 13-15, 2017.  While one of the three attending applicants will be chosen as the winner, all three will receive dedicated exhibition space in the SU Global Summit EXPO where they can present their work to 2,000 public and private sector leaders from numerous industries and dozens of countries. Apply here for a GGC Award, mentioning N Square in your application. Deadline: July 31, 2017. If you are selected for a Global Grand Challenge Award for your work in nuclear weapons threat reduction N Square will cover your travel and accommodation expenses to attend the summit to receive your award. 

Note that these awards are NOT limited to companies (NGOs and non-profits are welcome to apply). If you are a nuclear threats expert with questions about this application, please feel free to contact as info@nsquarecollaborative.org. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

SU global summit

The Global Impact Summit is the only annual event at which the whole Singularity University community—which includes 65 chapters in 39 countries, from Sweden to South Africa, from Turkey to Indonesia—assembles in one place. This flagship event is attended by 2000 leaders and changemakers who share a commitment to harnessing emerging technologies to improve life on the planet for 1 billion people or more over the next decade. That’s what Singularity means by the “exponential” power of innovation in these categories:

  • Networks and Computing Systems
  • Artificial Intelligences and Robotics
  • Digital Fabrication and Nanotechnology


The underlying technologies involved include (but are not by no means limited to):

  • Quantum computing
  • Blockchain
  • Sensors
  • Drones
  • Digital biology


Anyone is welcome to attend the Global Impact Summit as a paying registrant.